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We all are different, our tastes and preferences vary – everyone likes something different. We are fully aware of this and that is why when you are in Chwila with your friends – you are not forced to choose one bottle of wine only. Do not seek a compromise.

What is the point of doing so when each one of you may choose his or her perfect wine – and drink only just one glass. You do not have to limit yourselves – evening is long, try then as many kinds of wine as you wish. Let it be a unique meeting – full of never ending stories.

Wine in


wine classes

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a bottle

We love wine – tasting, but also sharing. We want to know about it as much as possible. We travel, search for flavours which you will enjoy and which will match your taste buds and guarantee unusual sensation. There are so many kinds of wine around the world! We were not really able to decide and choose those few or a dozen or so to be served. We have decided that we cannot limit ourselves – that is why we have more than 150 different kinds of wine in Chwila.

Our small mission is to bring the wine culture closer and disenchant the opinion that wine is an exclusive and challenging alcohol. Just come and learn for yourself that you will find something matching you.

Wine shop

What about keeping the most beautiful moments? We have got a way for this – simply, take home wine which will resemble you of a nice evening and memorable chats, which will give you pleasure.

The wine you will enjoy tasting the time you find a moment of respite at the end of the day. It is also an ideal idea for a unique gift for someone who is important to you. And if you like, we can prepare such gifts for all those who you want to present with something special – closed in a bottle.


wine classes

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a bottle


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